Axicon Lens-Plano Convex
Plano-convex Axicon consists of one convex conical surface and one plane surface. It is always used to produce a non-diffractive ring-shaped beam in the near field, whose diameter will increase over distance while maintaining a constant ring thickness. When used with a collimated Gaussian beam, Plano-convex Axicon can create an approximation of a Bessel beam ideal for a range of medical, research, measurement, and alignment applications.
  • Creates a Ring Shaped Approximation of a Bessel Beam
  • Many Apex Angles Available
  • AR Coating Upon Request
  • Custom Size Available
  • RoHS Compliant
MaterialUV grade fused silica
Design Wavelength632.8nm
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.15mm
Center Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm
Apex Angle Tolerance ±0.5Deg
Surface Quality 60/40 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture>90%
ChamferProtective <0.5mmx45deg
CoatingNone, Available upon request
Standard Product
Part No. Material Diameter(mm) Center Thickness(mm) Apex Angle(Deg) Design Wavelength(nm)
ANX1125-90 UVFS 25.4 16.2 90 632.8
ANX1125-130 UVFS 25.4 9.4 130 632.8
ANX1125-140 UVFS 25.4 8.1 140 632.8
ANX1125-160 UVFS 25.4 5.7 160 632.8
ANX1125-170 UVFS 25.4 4.6 170 632.8
ANX1125-175 UVFS 25.4 4.1 175 632.8
ANX1125-176 UVFS 25.4 3.9 176 632.8
ANX1125-178 UVFS 25.4 3.7 178 632.8
ANX1125-179 UVFS 25.4 3.6 179 632.8
Build Your Own Optics
Code Material Dimension Center Thickness Apex Angle(Deg) AR coating