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Company Profile

Union Optic Inc., founded in 2004, is a high-tech company located in Optics Valley of China, specializing in research and development, production and sales of precision optical components. Union Optic has a more than 15,000 square meters facility incorporating clean room, manufacturing lines and R&D facilities. Now we have more than 380 employees, consists of a very skilled team of sales and marketing, management, engineering and production, most of them have a background in physics and optics. Benefited by skillfully using the advanced techniques, sophisticated technology, advanced test methods, Union optic has strong capability to serve customers from small quantity prototypes to mass production of precision optical components. After many years of unremitting efforts of all employees, Union Optic has become a preferred partner of worldwide photonic companies.

Product Range

Product Range

Union Optic is committed to supply our customers with high quality products, competitive price, on time delivery and good service.
We focus on producing high precision components and improving customer service.
Currently Union Optic supplies optical elements, polarization optics, crystals, fiber optical components, optical coating, optomechanics and optical design service.

  • Optical Element: Optical Material, Lens, Window, Mirror, Beamsplitter, Prism, Filter

  • Polarizing Optic: Waveplate, Polarizer, Depolarizer, Brewster Window, Quartz Polarization Rotator, Optical Isolator, Lateral Displacement Polarization Beamsplitter

  • Crystal: Laser Crystal, Nonlinear Crystal, Passive Q-Switch Crystal, E-O Crystal, Birefringent Crystal

  • Fiber Optical Component: Fiber Patchcord, Fiber Collimator

  • Coating: Anti-Reflective Coating, Partial Reflective Coating, High Reflective Coating, Polarization Beamsplitter Coating, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating, Dichroic Coating, Interference Filter Coating

  • Optomechanics: Optical Mount

Product Application

Product Application

Union Optic products are widely used in Lasers, Laser Processing Equipments, Precision Instruments, Automation Equipments, Micro Measurement Systems, Surveying Equipments, Non-Destructive Testing, Medical Equipments, Fiber Communication, Infrared Imaging and etc. Relying on high-quality products, honest business attitude and considerate customer service, our products are well acknowledged and widely used in industrial and scientific area. Now around 50% of our products are exported to many countries in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Now we gradually established a comprehensive sales network and long term cooperation with our customers.

Corporate Culture


Union Optic has established a comprehensive quality management system and perfect rules and regulations since its foundation. By using enterprise ERP management system, Union Optic offers full product lifecycle support across a range of process, production, quality control, sales, logistics and finance into informatization management to keep it on a correct and efficient pace.

High Quality! Quick Response! Improving Ceaselessly! Customer Satisfying!" is our consistent principle, Union Optic will be continuing to create value for our customers! Our goal is to be your long term partner!


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